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Model 950-ASH

Investigator's Aid For Detection of Hydrocarbons, Accelerants, Petroleum Volatiles, and Various Gases

The Model 950-ASH Investigator’s Aid is a ruggedly constructed gas detection and field survey tool. This unit will detect the presence of hydrocarbons that may be present at the fire scene and is equally effective as a general purpose gas detector

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  • • Better evidence collection
  • • Ruggedly constructed electronic hydrocarbon detection & field survey tool
  • • Detects the presence of trace levels of hydrocarbon accelerants and combustible gases
  • • Telescoping probe for hard to reach places
  • • UV LEDs for visible fluorescence



The Model C is a non-calibrated detector used primarily for arson investigation and where it is desirable to detect trace amounts of hydrocarbons.

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Model C

For Arson Investigation and General Purpose Hydrocarbon Detection


  • • Detects Approx. 125 toxic/combustible gases and/or vapors including all heating gases
  • • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • • Audio and visual indication of detection of accelerants and gases
  • • Electronic Purge Permits quick recovery of sensor element
  • • Mute Switch Turns off audio tones and permits discreet investigation
  • • Coiled Sensor Cord that's easy to extend and automatically retracts
  • • Rechargeable Batteries with 6 to 7 hours of use

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